Quinoa Leaders

CABOLQUI is integrated by companies working to promote and execute the values of the Eco-social Philosophy in their production chains. They are producers, exporters and developers of products based on quinoa and other organic raw materials, and represent 70% of Bolivian exports of quinoa in grains; constituting a group of enormous economic, social and ecological impact.


Andean Valley S.A.

Working together with their partners, they distribute high quality food, globally promoting holistic nutrition. It has processing plants in Bolivia and Peru, and commercializes their products in Colombia and Costa Rica (where, in addition to Bolivia, they have their own offices). As a result, they have become exporters to Europe, the Americas, the Middle East,… View More.

Coronilla S.A

Coronilla S.A. is an organic certified agro-processor that offers a complete line of gluten-free snacks. The Andean cereal, the quality, the environmental respect and the deep social philosophy guarantee its customers an exceptional product. Coronilla has been in business for more than 30 years, its products have organic certification granted by IMO control (Switzerland) and… View More.

Irupana Andean Organic Foods S.A.

Irupana S.A. is a company of great social impact and a pioneer, not only in the recovery and industrialization of Andean cereals, but also in the promotion of their use and ancestral preparation. Since 1985, Irupana has produced a wide range of highly nutritious and healthy products, currently available, both for export and for daily… View More.

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