Irupana Andean Organic Foods S.A.

December 18, 2019 9:41 pm

Irupana S.A. is a company of great social impact and a pioneer, not only in the recovery and industrialization of Andean cereals, but also in the promotion of their use and ancestral preparation. Since 1985, Irupana has produced a wide range of highly nutritious and healthy products, currently available, both for export and for daily consumption, in its chain of health store in Bolivia.



  • White, red and black quinoa
  • Flour of quinoa, amaranth and cañihua
  • Popped quinoa, amaranth and cañihua
  • Organic Quinoa, Amaranth and cañihua in grains
  • Organic Quinoa, Amaranth, cañihua in flakes



Direction: Av. Arica N°550

Zone Senkata-El Alto

Phone: 591-2-2815885


Email: [email protected]