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Andean Valley aims to transform the future with nutrition

Renewing its commitment to people’s wellbeing the Bolivian company Andean Valley has revamped its brand introducing a wide variety of products derived from organic Royal Quinoa and the vision of a continued global expansion. At BIOFACH last week CEO, Javier Fernández and his team presented the firm’s new line and concepts “from the field to… View More

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Chia and quinoa latest to earn title of super food

Chia and quinoa are the newest addition to today’s list of superfoods. Rich in fiber and protein these seeds are also gluten free. Quinoa cooks easily and can replace pasta or rice in most dishes, but also works in desserts. Chia, similar to flax seeds, can be sprinkled onto almost any food, almost as an… View More

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Super Foods in the Swedish Market

  Download here – English Download here – Spanish

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The Incans knew a good thing when they saw it. Now nutritionists recognize quinoa as a “supergrain”

The ancient Incans revered quinoa as “the mother grain.” Modern-day nutritionists often refer to it as “the supergrain of the future.” Pronounced “KEEN-wah, “ quinoa sounds like a close cousin of the kumquat. But the light, fluffy and vaguely crunchy seed actually resembles couscous in size, texture and funny-sounding name. Far more nutritious than couscous,… View More

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